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POLOphone – Intercom Handset (fitted inside the home)

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POLOphone – Intercom Handset (fitted inside the home)


This is a POLOphone Intercom Handset which is fitted inside the home. This functions in conjunction with the POLOphone intercom entry panel which is fitted outside to the gate station.

The POLOphone is a uniquely styled intercom system that offers outstanding features, state of the art design and excellent value for money. The POLOphone is also a proud winner of the prestigious SABS Design Institute’s Design Excellence Awards.

The expandability of the POLOphone is quite exceptional. From a basic one-to-one kit for the average home, simply add components to the system to expand it into an ideal system for larger houses or small office installations. POLOphone can accommodate up to 4 handsets with a single entry panel or 3 handsets with two entry panels. Adding to its versatility you can intercommunicate between two groups of handsets in the system.


Product Description

The POLOphone intercom system could not be simpler to install, using a 2-wire bus throughout. Connect entry panels and phones to any point on this bus and the system is up and running. Added to this, the system only requires a low current 12V DC power supply. It can be connected to the battery of a CENTSYS gate motor for power failure protection.

From each handset, the gate motor, or door lock adjacent to the entry panel, can be operated. An auxiliary pushbutton is also provided for activating a secondary function such as the pedestrian-opening on the gate motor. In addition, the gate motor status feedback signal can be wired to the built-in indicator LED located in the cradle of each handset.

Main features

  • Only two wires
  • Expandable up to five components, maximum two entry panels
  • Each panel fitted with two call buttons
  • Single or dual call button modes of operation
  • Intercommunication between two groups of handsets
  • Award winning style handset.
  • Each handset incorporates:
    • Gate release for each entry panel
    • Auxiliary control button
    • Intercommunication call button
    • Gate status LED
  • 12V operation with optional battery backup
  • Built-in lightning protection

Additional Information

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