New Product Warranties

All CENTSYS products are manufactured with extreme care, thoroughly inspected and tested.

The goods supplied by CENTSYS shall be subject to the provisions of sections 55 to 57 of the Consumer Protection Act (68/2008) except where the provisions of the warranty contained in the CENTSYS product documentation are more favourable to the purchaser. Subject to the warranty contained in the CENTSYS product documentation, if applicable, CENTSYS products are warranted for a period of twenty-four months after delivery. However, it is expressly noted that batteries carry a six month warranty due to the nature of these products being such that they are subject to possible misuse. For equipment not of CENTSYS’s manufacture the warranty as supplied by the original manufacturer will apply if such warranty is more favourable to the purchaser than the relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (68/2008). Such warranty is valid only once full payment has been received for such goods.

Any warranty may be voidable on any equipment which:

  • i) Has not been installed in accordance with the installation instructions provided.
  • ii) Has been subject to misuse or which has been used for any purpose other than that designed for by
  • the manufacturers.
  • iii) Has damage caused as a result of handling during transit, atmospheric conditions (including lightning),
  • corrosion of metal parts, insect infestation, power surges or other forces outside of the control of
  • iv) Has been repaired by any workshop and / or person NOT previously authorised by CENTSYS.
  • v) Has been repaired with components not previously tested, passed or authorised by CENTSYS.

We will not be liable under this contract for any loss or damage caused by us or our employees or agents
in circumstances where:

  • i) There has been a failure to install the product in accordance with the installation instructions provided
  • by CENTSYS, or
  • ii) a failure to abide by the safety instructions provided by CENTSYS, or
  • iii) there is no breach of a legal duty of care owed to you by us or by any of our employees or agents
  • iv) such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of any such breach, and
  • any increase in loss or damage resulting from breach by you of any term of this contract.

Repairs and Servicing – Terms and Conditions

All CENTSYS products are of the highest quality, completely reliable and rarely need to be returned for repair. In the case that repairs do need to be made, please send them back to 42 Jamieson Drive, Parkwood, 4214, Queensland

All CENTSYS products that are brought in for repair are serviced with extreme care, thoroughly inspected and tested.

All repairs are subject to the relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (68/2008), and are warranted against faulty materials and workmanship for a period of three months from the repairs’ invoice date. Repairs to goods within the normal two year warranty period are warranted for the unexpired portion of the original product warranty, otherwise a three month warranty from the date of repairs, which ever period is greater and more beneficial to the customer will apply.

All other conditions of our warranty on the purchase of a new item, as per our standard terms and conditions of sale, will apply, i.e. a repair will not influence the original warranty.

We have a large team of dealers and installers in all major centres throughout Australia who are able to offer a repair service onsite. All repairs or services on mechanical operators will be quoted and then authorised by the client before commencing with the repair. Spares are shipped out within 24 hours of being ordered – except Sundays and Public holidays.

Electronic circuit boards or devices will typically be exchanged with service exchange items. These items will be charged at an exchange price when the faulty items are returned, and must be in a repairable condition.

Products found to be damaged beyond economical repair will need to be replaced with new items once the quote has been approved by the client.

Any circuit board or operator that was only tested, and not repaired, will NOT result in the guarantee period being extended, where applicable.

Warrantees on any repair will not apply to any product which:

  • a) has been subject to misuse, or which has been used for any purpose other than it was designed
  • for by CENTSYS Systems;
  • b) has not been installed in accordance with the installation instructions provided;
  • c) has been damaged as a result of handling during transit, atmospheric conditions, insect
  • infestation, power surges, an act of god or other forces outside of CENTSYS Systems’ control;
  • d) has been repaired by any person and/or workshop NOT authorised by CENTSYS Systems;
  • e) has been repaired with components that have not been tested, passed or authorised by
  • CENTSYS Systems.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that ALL items handed over to CENTSYS Systems for repair, are correctly specified on the Service Notification or Goods Receipt Voucher, whichever is applicable.

Items not collected within three months will be sold to defray costs. This applies to all items that have been repaired and are ready for collection, items awaiting quote approval and items where the quote has been rejected.

To confirm ownership, clients must present the original Service Notification Email or Goods Receipt Voucher when collecting their repairs.

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